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  • Spacewalk to Fix the ISS
  • Odd Encounters in the Abyss
  • A Coolant Conundrum
  • More Surprises?
  • The Mysterious Leak
  • Never-ending Intrigue of Space Exploration
Cosmonauts Discover Mysterious Blob During Spacewalk
Cosmonauts Discover Mysterious Blob During Spacewalk / Photo by Moon Team

Spacewalk to Fix the ISS

Cosmonauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) embarked on a daring spacewalk to address a concerning issue: a leak in the backup radiator mounted on the Nauka module launched in 2021. Russian space agency Roscosmos had confirmed the issue, prompting this crazy mission.

Odd Encounters in the Abyss

As the cosmonauts ventured outside the ISS, Oleg Kononenko, armed with an astronaut's toolkit, closely inspected the source of the radiator leak. What he found was nothing short of bizarre:

"The holes have very even edges, like they've been drilled through," Kononenko reported to Moscow Mission Control. "There are lots of them, spread in a chaotic manner." Imagine drilling in the vacuum of space – talk about precision! [1]

A Coolant Conundrum

With the cosmonauts prepared for unexpected fluid escapades, Kononenko's adventure took an even stranger twist. He encountered a mysterious blob of coolant, with a mind of its own, that had seemingly attached itself to his safety tether. It's not every day you encounter a space slime! This odd discovery prompted an abrupt exit from the area for safety reasons. Clearly, even in space, some substances have a sense of humor.

More Surprises?

As if this mission wasn't intriguing enough, fellow cosmonauts contributed to the narrative by installing a small radar antenna on the module's exterior. In another twist, they launched a nano-satellite with high hopes, only to see its sail deployment fail. The cosmic stage was set for more surprises.

The Mysterious Leak

Kononenko's journey took an unexpected turn as he retreated inside the ISS. His safety tether, now carrying the bizarre space slime, was carefully secured in a bag, guarding against potential contamination. The radiator, isolated from supply lines, awaits a future spacewalk for repair. A lingering question remains: What caused the leak in the first place? [2]

Never-ending Intrigue of Space Exploration

This celestial episode of drilling holes and peculiar blobs highlights the never-ending intrigue of space exploration. As cosmonauts work to uncover the mysteries of the ISS, we're left in suspense, eager to learn more about this cosmic conundrum. The final chapter of this space story remains unwritten, and the cosmos continues to captivate our imaginations.