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  • Introducing Moon's Latest NFTs: Rovers, Avatars & Spacesuits
  • MOON collectibles - Astro Avatars
  • MOON Rovers: limited edition exclusive vehicles
  • Better Survival with MOON Spacesuits
  • Exclusive 3-in-1 Lunar Bundle

Introducing Moon's Latest NFTs: Rovers, Avatars & Spacesuits

Take a look at the newest MOON NFT releases! From cutting-edge rovers to rare avatars and state-of-the-art spacesuits, our latest collection will bring you closer to the cosmos than ever before and boost your lunar possibilities. Explore our latest collection and embrace the future of exploration and adventure in the MOON! Let's dive deeper and take a closer look at them.

MOON collectibles - Astro Avatars

These NFTS are a limited edition, with only 999 ever to exist. Owning an Astro Avatar isn't just possessing an NFT – it's securing an emblem of distinction in MOON.

These avatars are more than just visuals; they're your companions in-game, your identity in the metaverse, and your ticket to a realm of prestige. Flaunt the revered "Astronaut" title as you embark on interstellar adventures.

Your Astro Avatar extends beyond MOON's universe, seamlessly traveling to other Solar Multiverse projects like Ertha and Spellfire. It's like owning a piece of stardust that transcends boundaries.


Astro Avatars
Astro Avatars

And hold onto your seats for the value ride! In a world where rarity drives demand, these avatars are bound to appreciate on the secondary market. Remember, this isn't just about owning an avatar; it's an asset with potential profits twinkling in the horizon.

Don't miss your chance to grasp the future in your hands – an opportunity like this won't come knocking twice. Discover the allure of MOON's Astro Avatars and become part of the cosmos. 🌌

MOON Rovers: limited edition exclusive vehicles

Embarking on the lunar frontier just got more exhilarating with the introduction of MOON Rovers. Step into the future of lunar exploration, where every detail matters.

Weight is not a concern anymore – each MOON Rover boasts a specific weight capacity, measured in kgs. From rare resources to scientific instruments, these vehicles can transport up to 10x more than your trusty backpack, enhancing your lunar expeditions like never before.

Energy conservation takes a pivotal turn with MOON's solar-powered Rovers. While your character might need time to recharge, these innovative vehicles can swiftly recover energy, ensuring your journeys remain uninterrupted. It's a race against the lunar clock, and these Rovers will be your constant companions.


Lunar Rovers
Lunar Rovers

Time is of the essence, and speed takes a whole new meaning on the MOON. Traveling on foot consumes precious energy, but MOON Rovers change the game. With the ability to cover up to 4x more ground than walking, you can explore deeper, uncover more, and experience lunar landscapes like never before.

Limited in number, unlimited in potential. Your journey to the MOON's secrets awaits with a vehicle that's as ready as you are.

Better Survival with MOON Spacesuits

Introducing our newest MOON collectible: Limited Edition Spacesuits. These unique assets offer a stunning visual appeal and essential functionality for your survival on the MOON. To be precise, they can offer up to 5x easier survival. 

But here's where the magic truly unfolds. Meet Helium-3, a resource more precious than gold on the MOON. This substance becomes your lifeline's lifeline. It's the key to generating vital oxygen within your spacesuit. With our Limited Edition Spacesuits, not only will you look stellar, but your oxygen generation will be leagues beyond what the standard, free suits offer.


MOON Spacesuits
MOON Spacesuits

Now, the diversity within the collection is a sight to behold. Each spacesuit is a unique rarity, tailored to different needs and levels of efficiency. The rarer the suit, the less Helium-3 you'll need to keep your oxygen flowing. As the rarity increases, so does its in-game and secondary market value. It's not just a purchase; it's an investment in your survival and your place in the MOON.

But remember, these treasures are limited, as unique as the lunar landscape itself. Don't wait until they're gone. Equip yourself for the challenges that await on the MOON's surface. Unveil a new level of gameplay, survival, and status.

Exclusive 3-in-1 Lunar Bundle

Step into the future of lunar exploration with our latest offering, the 3-in-1 Lunar Bundle. This extraordinary offer comprises rare and exclusive assets that will elevate your MOON experience to unprecedented heights. Whether you're venturing into uncharted territories or aiming to leave a mark on the lunar landscape, this bundle equips you with the tools and style to succeed.

• Rare Unique Avatar - Stand out among moon explorers.

• Rare Lunar Rover - Conquer MOON's treacherous terrain with speed and capacity.

• Rare Spacesuit - Equipped with advanced life support systems, finished in striking Moro Blue.


Bundle Offer
Bundle Offer

Imagine wearing the Stardust Spacesuit, an imperative asset designed for survival on the MOON's challenging terrain. With advanced Helium life support, it's twice as efficient as standard spacesuits, ensuring your safety in a distinctive Moro Blue color that adds an element of rarity.

Feel the rush of the Lance Lunar Rover as you navigate the MOON's rugged landscapes at triple the speed. Its colossal carrying capacity, six times larger than typical rovers, opens up new dimensions for your lunar quests. With just 10% battery charge, it propels you through a full HEX, and its quick 4-hour recharge time ensures you never lose momentum.

But that's not all. This bundle doesn't just equip you for your journey; it grants you entry into an elite club. With the exclusive PFP Collectible, limited to a mere 999 units, you gain access to the coveted Astronaut club. Not only will you earn the prestigious Astronaut title in-game, but you'll also be part of a select few who possess this remarkable collectible.

And the best part? This incredible bundle, combining these invaluable items, comes at an astonishing price:

From $153 ➡️ Now only $59!

So, don't let this chance slip away. Dive into your MOON adventure with everything you need by your side.fLFTExplore our latest collection and embrace the future of exploration and adventure in the MOON!